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Saginaw Engineering - Analysis, Consultation, Design, & Prototyping


Advanced solutions for professionals - It says it all - New machine design & build, existing machine improvements & retrofits, CFD & FEA analysis, advanced additive manufacturing, and advanced product prototyping.


We do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what's most important.

We understand that some projects may need extra input or you may be tackling an elusive problem within a design. By utilizing our consultation services, we can help track down that problem or provide insight towards design changes for better manufacturability, material selection to prevent failure, and more. Whether you’re facing a problem of component failure, maintenance related issues or production efficiency, we are here to help.

By utilizing the latest 3D CAD, analysis, and electronics design software, Steinbrink Engineering designs the necessary components and assemblies required to efficiently build your product. Creation of 3D and 2D CAD models ensures the exact fit of components for first time quality. Computer analysis of electrical and mechanical designs reduces prototype iterations.


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We also offer custom designed PCBs for your application. Utilizing advanced schematic and lay-out software, we can design, engineer, and with our manufacturing partnerships, build your boards to your needs.


The Steinbrink benchmark; Implementing tailored prototyping solutions, we establish and oversee the entire build phase of your prototype, assuring that exact tolerances, fit, and function are met.

Steinbrink Engineering

Learn more about our services or request a consultation with one of our engineers.

When designing a new part or system, it is advantageous to verify that the design looks, feels, and performs as intended. By utilizing various additive manufacturing processes, we provide custom prototypes and functional parts. Whether your prototype is purely form/fitment oriented or end-use oriented, we provide a solution by employing SLA, SLS, FDM, or DMLS styles of additive manufacturing.


Small-run production prototypes (Pilot programs) to validate concepts and provide investors, consumers, and focus groups with actual products are a specialty for Steinbrink Engineering.

Ask about Small-Run Production for your firm.

Steinbrink Engineering

Learn more about our services or request a consultation with one of our engineers.

Steinbrink Engineering


Steinbrink Engineering
Steinbrink Engineering



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