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Compare to Beambrush, Kolibree, and Grush


Click Care, the creators of LifeBrush, had been trying to develop a smart, Bluetooth-connected electric toothbrush for years. LifeBrush connects to the user’s phone which displays the position of the brush head in the user’s mouth as they brush. By tracking the position of the brush head and by utilizing other sensors, the brush is a powerful tool to help struggling dental patients brush more effectively and completely.


Click Care had been struggling to develop the motion tracking technology with two other companies, until they came to Steinbrink Engineering. The first proof-of-concept (PoC) was developed using off-the-shelf electronics including an Arduino Uno to reduce PoC development time and cost. A custom PCB was designed, built, programmed, and tested in-house. In addition, a testing platform was developed and SLS printed for demonstration of the brush in use.


LifeBrush is an on-going development at Steinbrink Engineering. Currently, the brush tracking system is being validated and refined. Custom internals are also being developed.


The Value of Steinbrink Engineering

  • Ideation

  • Design and Engineering

  • 3D Printing

  • PCB design and prototyping

  • Android software development

  • Ergonomics

  • Material Selection

  • Manufacturing Consultation

  • Assembly

Watch the video to see the system tracking as a user brushes

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