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Process Improvement


Our client, FlexAir, came to us with an urgent request: Ford had requested to validate their new rooftop Air Handling Unit (AHU) before they were built and installed on the Ford Sterling Heights plant in Sterling Heights, Michigan. FlexAir was looking for a way to simulate the airflow through the new AHU to move forward with the project, but spending $24k+ on a CFD package plus training was a big pill to swallow. They started searching for outsourced CFD simulation firms to run the simulations for them, but it was proving difficult to find someone who could complete the simulations in the turn-around time they needed and at a price they found reasonable. That is, until Steinbrink Engineering was recommended to them.

The goals of the simulations were to determine:

  • Velocities within the heating chamber

  • Temperature distribution 

  • Filter performance on temp and velocity distribution

  • Fluid dynamic effects of heating over 6M CFMs

  • Any unforeseen 'trouble areas' 


The Value of Steinbrink Engineering

  • Natively work with FlexAir's SolidWorks models

  • In-person consultation for pre-simulation model simplification

  • 1 Week simulation turn-around

  • In-depth fluid dynamics simulation

  • Analysis of current design and improvements for future models

  • Complex CFD simulations for a fraction of the cost and time if they purchased a CFD package. 

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