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Blogging & Social Media for Engineers

As an engineer, I've never thought of blogging or social media being very useful in the technical trades such as engineering, research, or other scientific fields... that is, until I began reading a book: Smart Marketing for Engineers. It has provided insight that I had not realized in the past: How do engineers and other technical professionals stay knowledgeable in such ever-changing and fast paced world?

Source: Electronic Design, magazine, Oct. 2016

When I read the article in Electronic Design, I thought about the Smart Marketing for Engineers book; Could the top sources of technical information be incorporated into a blog? The answer is Yes.

I thought about what sources I regularly visit for information and I immediately thought of AllAboutCircuits, an online source for new electronics technology, design guides, and much more. Could we create content that reflects the incorporation of new technologies in our projects? I think we should.

Starting in 2017, we will be releasing technical articles related to our projects, design processes, software, and other information about developing custom products and designs.

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